Sunday, 7 April 2013

Product Review: Metamorphosis Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

I first contacted Shannon from Metamorphosis on February 1st of this year. Her reputation far proceeded her and, as always, I had a keen interest in using, reviewing and promoting Canadian products and businesses. Wrap conversions have become as big in the baby-wearing community as hybrid fitteds are in the cloth diapering community or, for my non-natural parenting friends, like yoga pants are to moms. With a wrap conversion, a customer will go purchase a woven wrap (ranging anywhere from $100 to $1000+ new) and then... wait for it... send that wrap to somebody to cut it up. That’s where Shannon and her company Metamorphosis come in. Shannon takes these beloved wraps and carefully lines up patterns, talks with the customers and designs custom baby carriers from the wraps.

Once Shannon had received my selected wrap, she maintained communication with me up until my spot approached. We then started discussing exactly what I wanted out of the wrap conversion, what size I needed and what size my child was. As I started making custom requests, I was informed that things that other businesses charge for, such as seat darts, padded legs, a hood, were included in the $125 cost of a Deluxe Conversion. I then selected butterfly padded shoulder straps and a padded ring waist at an additional cost of $20 each. Shannon helped me make these decisions based on my needs and my new diagnosis of arthritis in my low back. I wrote to her questioning whether or not I should even still be wearing my nearly thirty pound son, and she was supportive and re-assuring and took me from second guessing wearing my toddler at all, to being excited to have him in my custom carrier by her design. She also listened as I told her why I chose my wrap, a Natibaby Linen Blend Collabri, for the significance of the hummingbird to my mother and I and took care to make sure the birds could line up on the body and the hood AND the carrier is REVERSIBLE!!!

I was pretty excited when the carrier arrived on Friday. I tried it on quickly and took some standard selfies...

I then took it to a Cloth Diaper/Babywearing Meet Up and wore it for a while, showed it off, let other people try it on and just generally marvelled at its beauty. I waited patiently all weekend for the weather to clear so that I could take it for a walk, really test it out, and get some good action pictures. I waited... and waited... and waited... but THIS is all we got this weekend...

And so, Collabri Metamorphosis Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai got to go... TO THE GROCERY STORE!!

I found the shoulder straps to be exceptionally comfortable as I loaded the shopping cart.
R alternated between arms in and arms out, but fit this “in between” size very well at 34” tall.
R’s a sucker for the gossip at the check out...
With the ring waist, I was even able to get it on and off at the wagon without getting the straps wet!! SCORE!
All in all, of the four different brands I have tried, our new custom Metamorphosis wrap conversion mei tai is by far my favourite. The craftsmanship is superior, as is the attention to detail. The padding in the waist and shoulders makes my 30 pound boy feel weightless, despite my condition and, it is absolutely stunning. To top it all off, Shannon offers very competitive pricing and amazing customer service and, did I mention SHE’S CANADIAN??!! For more information, please visit the Metamorphosis Website or Facebook Page.


  1. That was is a super comfy wrap, thanks for letting me try it at the meetup! I love the shoulder strap padding :) - and the fabric!

  2. I chose Shannon to do my NHIndia wchb and it's AMAZING. Excellent craftsmanship and excellent communication from her. I keep sending people to her but stalking a slot is becoming difficult, she's popular now!

  3. Ooohh Thanks for the review, one day I want a conversion done by her I am just waiting to save up and find the right wrap and also I guess then I would have to work on stalking a slot. I would love to try it at a meet up one day. It is super beautiful!

  4. Hello new to wrap conversions. Am researching wrap conversion carriers and wanted to ask if butterfly straps provide better support than the regular backpack style straps?

    please share your experience! thanks